We Can Win Again

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

I am a Nebraska Democrat. My parents are life-long Democrats. My grandparents were players in the old Omaha Democratic Party Machine; my great-grandparents helped keep Cowboy Jim Dahlman in the mayor’s office for over twenty years; and fresh off the boat, my great-great grandparents supported William Jennings Bryan. Personally, I’ve worked campaigns on every level for the Party – including Hillary Clinton in 2016. I was even the focus of a speech by Bill Clinton during the campaign, and I believe strongly in our traditional party values. But I can no longer go on watching as our Party destroys itself. Even as harshly as I will be attacked, I can remain silent no longer.

Simply put, we cannot win if every strategic move we make is founded on hatred and dishonesty. I do not like Donald Trump. I considered him an annoying sideshow – arrogant, ill-mannered, distasteful and above all completely unpresidential. But he won the election and is the President of the United States. Get over it, stop playing his game or he will win again.

I don’t know one Democrat who honestly believes we can beat him next year. Not because he doesn’t deserve to be beat, but because we, as a party, have lost everything it takes to make a reasonable case to the American people. All we had to do was become the honest voice of reason and compromise in this turbulent world, and the presidency would have been ours. But, our candidates for president have refused to lead, and instead have followed a chorus of small-minded special interest groups and big donners right off the edge of reason.

Every step of the way, we have chosen the low road with arguments so filled with hate and desperation, we have lost all credibility. And, our presidential candidates, they have carved out political positions so contrary to the mainstream of America and Nebraska, Trump looks like the voice of reason in a maelstrom of absurdity.

When I was young, eastern Nebraska was largely dominated by the Democratic Party, but in the last 20 years, as special interest groups have seized control of our party, that dominance has flipped to the point where a Democrat running for office in Nebraska is a joke on late-night television.

Our party leaders and special interest candidates call my Republican neighbors and friends “deplorable”, “racist” or just plain “stupid,” because they have a different point of view. That is not a formula for winning. That is a formula for destroying the Democratic Party and the country I love.

In 2018, our Party did a good job in the midterm elections and took back control of the House of Representatives, but for the most part our winning majority did not come from the Progressive ideologues that control our Party narrative. The winning margin came from moderates who spent most of their time trying to run away from that narrative. The Nebraska 2nd should have been included in that winning margin too, but we selected a candidate who ran like she was running in the New York 10th. And, we lost a race that should have been a slam dunk.

My mission with this blog is to reintroduce common sense, honesty and support for the little guy to our Party. Nebraskans are a fair minded and pragmatic people. We respect hard work, ingenuity and success. We understand that not everyone is born with the same advantages in life, and in general, we’re all for leveling the playing field if we can. Our Party shouldn’t have any trouble appealing to that kind of American.


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