The War is On, but Not with Republicans

AOC ripped all pretense off the illusion of unity last week in an interview with the New York Times when she blamed the loss of Congressional seats, not on the Marxist methodology of her movement but on “Democratic Party Incompetence.” Earlier in the week, Virginia Democratic Congresswoman, Abigail Spanberger, who narrowly held onto her seat, said in a caucus call with fellow members, “… we need to not ever use the words Socialist or Socialism ever again. Because while people think it doesn’t matter, it does matter. And we lost good members because of it.” From here on friends, the war is joined. The Radicals in our Party are out for control, and mainstream Democrats are going to have to get out of the closet and fight back or it is all over but the tears.

Purists like AOC have always had difficulty in seeing beyond the pitchforks of their ideology. Marx and Engels were intellectuals and idealists. They took the cruel excesses of the industrial revolution as a foundation and designed an elegant theory to right the wrongs of human existence. What young student of Communism didn’t see the beauty of their design? But what AOC and other Socialists can't, won’t see is that it has never worked in any form after dozens of attempts by brilliant revolutionaries. Even in an authoritarian setting with absolute power to implement its every nuance as imagined, it has never, ever succeeded in practice. And mostly, as seen with the Soviet Union, People’s Republic of China, Khmer Rouge, Cuba, Venezuela and others, their totalitarian machinations generally lead to horrible atrocities. Inevitably, the people that are supposed to be helped the most, are inevitably hurt the worst.

We all know that capitalism is flawed without a strong legally mandated balance of social responsibility. When only a few share in the prosperity of an entire society, the system itself is morally vacant, but in contrast, pure Socialism leads to a direct loss of innovation, motivation and productivity. Why do more, if the reward is the same? What most Socialists refuse to grasp is that economics and human nature are purely symbiotic. Capitalism works best as a systemic foundation, because it incentivizes ingenuity, hard work and risk. Socialism can’t work, because it flies directly in the face of human nature.

Like the overwhelming majority of Americans, I agree with Sanders, Warren, AOC and other Socialists that American capitalism and our system of government are out of whack. The wealthy and political elites have moved into a position of power that is undermining our government and our society. It has got to change in accordance with our republican design, or all will be lost. We’re already seeing the signs of it everywhere.

Where I differ with the Radicals is that they’ve already mentally moved past the encumbrances of democracy and into a win-at-all-cost modality where no moral or ethical restraint exists. As we saw in the election, the people didn't like it, and they punished mainstream Democrats for not reigning in our Radicals. Americans believe in truth, fairness and equality of opportunity. We’re not getting it right now, and the people want change. But they don’t want the system toppled by a generation who got their understanding of history from the latest Vampire trilogy.

We’ve been here before. When Rockefeller, Carnegie, Vanderbilt, Morgan and others strode the earth like the Gods of Olympus, sweeping up the riches of the world at the expense of the rest of us, the people in both Parties stepped-up and fixed the system. They didn’t try to punish them. They didn’t try to take back what they’d earned, and they certainly didn’t try to topple the government. Instead they used it to put forward good commonsense proposals. They persuaded a majority of the American public to support them, and they changed the system into one they liked – exactly what Thomas Jefferson told them to do. It worked perfectly, and it can work again.

The fight between the Radicals and the rest of us has been a long time coming. They have cleverly used the wrongs of our society to gather a loud and hellbent following, and they have acquired mysterious benefactors that keep them well-funded – enormously wealthy individuals or entities who see benefit in our national instability. You probably don't want to confront the Radicals. I certainly didn’t. For a long time, I was afraid to speaking up, but when I realized the mess we were leaving our children, I had no choice. We either take on the idiots now, while they are just another foolish fad, or sacrifice our Party or maybe even our nation by remaining silent.


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