The Real Enemy

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Since calling out the Establishment last week, I’ve received more than one call asking if that was a smart move. To more than one call, I responded, “Do you think they’ll call me a Russian asset?” I think I’m okay for now, but it is an absolute must that we recognize the real enemy here if we’re going to get things working again.

We’ve all been taught in our system of government that elections are our opportunity for change, but today, they are the heart of the problem. Our electoral process has been compromised, corrupted to the point that no election can affect substantive change. The truth is, elections today reinforce control, not create an opportunity for change.

For decades now, every new campaign calls for change, and yet almost everyone who gets elected must first fall-into-line with the Establishment cartels. Every candidate must face the choice – become part of the corruption or lose. Most of our elected representatives who decide to play convince themselves they are their own person, but that is nothing more than something they tell themselves so they can sleep at night.

Our own Lee Terry is a perfect example. He talked a great game, pledged a term limit, reneged on it and served longer than any other 2nd District Congressman in history. He didn’t get run-out of office because of his political views. He was dumped, because he was a sell-out. What’s he doing now? He’s a lobbyist. Drop the mic.

Bernie opened most of our eyes to a lot of this in 2016. His focus was on Wall Street, but the Establishment is much more pervasive and commanding than I think even he realized. They control elections with unlimited money and an army of operatives on the take. And, as we all know, it isn’t just a Republican thing or a Democratic thing. It’s an Establishment thing.

The Establishment directly benefits from gridlock, rending democracy impossible. They don’t want to solve problems, because their power is directly tied to keeping things the way they are. Think about the way they operate. Every day they scream the sky is falling, the sky is falling for no other purpose than to raise money. They are only mining sound bites to raise money. Reality, practicality, functionality or genuine democratic solutions are of no interest to them.

Why do you think these young congressional striplings skip through the halls of Congress throwing hand grenades without any regard for the damage they do to their own party? It is because the money they can raise as a result of their crazy statements is dramatically more important to them than the hierarchy of their party, their place in Congress or their responsibilities of office. They don’t care. It’s all about them.

If we want solutions and meaningful change, we have to go back to genuine democracy. We have to elect reasonable people who won’t sell-out. We have to make fund raising concerns the last consideration and not the first. And finally, we have to truly care about one another again, not just find fault. That, my friends, is how our system was intended to work, and how it does work in small towns and counties all over Nebraska, and throughout this country.

The point is, our system of government and our electoral process is currently working against a functioning democracy, and it will eventually destroy us. If there is no truth, no honor, no integrity – only brash, self-serving conquest, where only the ends-justify-the-means – our days as an American republic are numbered.


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