The Ends Do Not Justify the Means

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

The ends do not justify the means. In fact, Machiavelli is fundamentally incompatible with democracy. These days both parties tend to convince themselves that they alone are guided by a higher moral authority, but our Constitution was drawn to weather the storm of shifting morality. It was founded on virtue, not the price is right of public opinion.

Our Party in a cavalry charge of impatience has too often in recent years been willing to sacrifice our virtue for our goals. That’s not okay with me, and it’s not okay with most Nebraskans. If we Democrats don’t start telling the whole truth, we will never win again.

To help with that, I’ve compiled a list of the Ten Big Lies That Are Killing Our Party. In honor of the opening of the Supreme Court term this week, I’ll start by introducing, Lie # 1: Justice Kavanaugh is guilty of sexual assault and should be impeached.

As a woman, I fully understand and support Me Too. Thank God the worm has turned, but falsely accusing someone of a sexual crime is every bit as despicable as perpetrating the crime itself. False accusations serve only to diminish or confuse every legitimate claim that comes forward, and women who are willing to use such a tool to gain power betray us all.

The truth is only one credible charge of sexual misconduct came forward during Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing. Contrary to what some Democrats continue to say, the FBI thoroughly investigated every other claim that arose and found nothing credible to report.

I watched every word and every nuance of Christine Blasey Ford's testimony. Like most people, I was ready to hang Judge Kavanaugh. Then I watched with the same intensity as he responded and came to one clear conclusion – one of them was an incredibly good liar.

Clearly, my bias was with Dr. Ford. I’ve seen many men who are very convincing liars, but I was concerned by the fact that there was no real evidence to support her charges. At the time, my private thought was that she might have some kind of mental problem that caused her to remember the story wrongly, but without something substantial to support her, there was no reasonable reason not to confirm Justice Kavanagh to the Court.

Since then, three very important things have come to light that confirm to me that the correct decision was made. (1) Dr. Ford’s best friend, who supposedly attended the same party where the act occurred, not only does she not remember anything like that happening, she does not believe it did happen. (2) While Dr. Ford’s family remained quietly supportive during the hearing, since then, they have made their support for Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation clear. (3) Dr. Ford’s attorney has publicly stated that a significant portion of her client’s motivation was to discredit any decision Justice Kavanaugh might make in regard to Roe v. Wade. In other words, her accusation was at least in part politically motivated.

The lie our Party perpetuates to this day was directly responsible for destroying any chance for Democrats to take back the Senate in 2018. The average American saw it for exactly what it was. When our Party is willingly to go along with a strategy specifically designed to destroy a good man’s career, life and family for nothing but political gain, it undermines everything for which our Party should stand.


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