We were disappointed in the condemnation of Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine by the Nebraska Democratic Party.

In our polarized nation, it is critical to first seek the truth, because events do not conform to any ideology, nor always fit what our political view would lead us to believe. Mr. Kleine’s actions demonstrate an earnest search for truth, as did his call for a special prosecutor and grand jury.

Don Kleine has done much to help low income defendants including Black Americans. His values, record and behavior are beyond reproach.

Nor do we see any basis to attack the integrity of the grand jury or special prosecutor Fred Franklin. People of good will and conscience can reach different conclusions in a difficult case where multiple parties, including Jake Gardner and James Scurlock, took provocative actions that contributed to the tragedy.

We have a profound problem in America. Some police are murdering African Americans and some police departments are protecting the bad cops who destroy public safety.

Peaceful protests are forcing us to confront the problem. The overwhelming majority of protesters are peaceful and deserve our full support.

Incidents of violence and looting deserve our condemnation. They can prompt a series of events that end in tragedy, as in this case. They are undermining efforts to address police violence toward Black Americans by driving Americans further apart, after the great majority had come together in supporting action to address police on black violence.


United States Senator Bob Kerrey

David Buntain, Former Member Democratic National Committee

United States Congressman Brad Ashford

Omaha City Councilman Ben Gray

Chuck Hassebrook, 2014 Democratic Nominee for Governor

State Senator Bob Krist, 2018 Democratic Nominee for Governor

C.J. King, Chair, Douglas County Democrats

Bud Pettigrew, Chair of Chairs, Nebraska Democratic Party

Colleen Brennan,

Stephen E. Gehring, Omaha Attorney

Marsha Babcock, Chair, Cass County Democrats

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