Stand With Hong Kong

When Karl Marx and Frederick Engels worked out the various ideological components to communism, they projected that there would follow a “legitimate” degree of cultural genocide. In other words, people would have to die to make their new idea work, and they were absolutely right. The Soviet Union murdered up to 61 million during their run; Cambodia killed roughly 24 percent of their population; tens of thousands died in Cuba and Venezuela; and up to 77 million human beings have been murdered by the Chinese Communists since they began.

In 1989, during the student led Democracy Movement in China, Tiananmen Square became the focus of the world as a young student protester courageously stood defiant before a Communist tank. Not long afterward, between 1,000 and several thousand protesters were executed by the Chinese military. The protests ended.

I mention these things only in that it is important to understand the absolute degree to which the Chinese government has been willing to go to secure their power. Technically, they are no longer ideological communists, but instead totalitarian capitalists with more in common with the Nazis than the Soviets. Currently, they stand second to only the economic power of the United States, and their stated goal is to be the dominate super-power, both economically and militarily, in the world by the end of this century.

Today, kids in Hong Kong, who were raised with democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of thought, the same as our kids, are attempting to stand-off the Chinese government. Purely, out of concern for economic impact, the Chinese have elected not to kill them yet, but their history suggests their patience will only go so far.

The truth is the United States has allowed, or maybe better put, strongly supported the economic development of China over the last forty-seven years. Far more than any other single factor in their success has been the gigantic economic infusion afforded by the United States. Our idea was to demonstrate to them what could be accomplished through freedom and capitalism working together. We assumed this would drive them toward democracy and the greater good of the people. Instead, they privately mock our stupidity while using our incredible largesse to create for themselves a super-power status that will one day threaten our existence.

Google, Nike, the NBA, just to name a few, have pushed into China hoping to capitalize on their vast market. They have made a lot of money, and at the same time demonstrated a profound willingness to jump through the prescribed hoops to keep the cash flowing. Unfortunately, these hoops are generally of a kind that sacrifice the freedom, character and honor that made this nation great and those free enterprise companies possible. These American companies have embarrassed themselves and this nation by their willingness to jump through those hoops, and by showing the world how easy it is to get Americans to sacrifice their character for money.

Let me make this clear. China is not our friend and never will be. They are using an immense market, completely unscrupulous methods and totalitarian control to solidify their power on the world stage. They stand for everything we oppose. If this situation is allowed to continue, they will eventually challenge us with a military which we provided them both the technological and financial means to develop.

Yes, there is a market there that is extremely lucrative, and initiating a second cold war is far from a welcoming idea, but continuing to ignore the truth about the Chinese and their long-term goals is writing yet another check that our children or children’s children will have to pay.


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