Sounds a Lot Like Democracy

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

For those of you who have been reading my posts, it might be shocking to you that I consider myself a Progressive. I’ve leveled a lot of criticism at our Party, and Progressives in particular, over the first few weeks of this blog, but not because I don’t believe in systemic change. It’s obvious there must be systemic change if we are to survive as a nation, but we cannot build a meaningful movement on dishonesty and division. To make the kind of changes we need to make, we have no choice but to bring a large portion of Independents and Republicans our way. I know from just talking to my Republican neighbors, mostly they’re unhappy about the same things I’m unhappy about. We must build trust with them to get where we need to go.

Almost all of us, Democrats, Independents and Republicans, agree that there is a vast disparity in wealth in this nation. We also agree that the rich and powerful have a wildly disproportionate amount of influence over the political process. I would say they have become a kind of oligarchy. And, we all know that the rich and powerful directly benefit from their influence in a wide variety of financial ways, most notably in unfairly low taxes.

And, there are clear numbers to backup what I say. Polling shows that 90 percent of all Americans believe our political system is broken, and they site what I mentioned above as the cause. We Progressives believe this unfair system should be torn down one way or the other, and the President's base see it much the same way – “Drain the Swamp.” Many of us have taken that as nothing more than a bullshit campaign slogan but polling clearly shows there is great unity in our views. The oligarchy I mentioned above has been extraordinarily clever in pitting the various factions against one another, because they directly benefit from it. The gridlock, and partisan and tribal divide is completely of their making.

If we want genuine change, we have to fight the oligarchy that is steeling our power and not each other. A more common name for oligarchy these days is the “Establishment.” It is very real and very powerful. Although, it means dramatically different things to different people. For me it is simply those who would use our government to enrich themselves. Certainly, that would include anyone who would employ a lobbyist; anyone who would hire someone who formerly worked in government to help them gain and maintain government contracts or favors; anyone who would operate a Political Action Committee or Super PAC; anyone who would contribute a large amount of money to the electoral process; and of course, the armies of inbred political operatives, both in and out of government, who are willing to do anything for money or power. It is probably also prudent to include representatives of powerful foreign governments, trans-national corporations and super rich non-citizens. And, we mustn’t forget the elected representatives who are their willing whores. That is the Establishment!

What I am saying straight-out is that most people in our Party, their Party and those in between see the problem in much the same way. It is an overwhelming majority, and it is my believe that if we quit fighting with one another and begin to see the real enemy before us, we can build a real movement on truth and fairness. We can start to trust each other again, and if we do, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. Gosh, doesn’t that sound a lot like democracy?


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