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Updated: Jul 4, 2020

To save the United States of America, everyone needs to stop watching the news, or more accurately, what is called the news, right this minute. I’m not saying this flippantly or without considerable thought and research. It is simply a fact that the news media, no matter whose media you listen to or watch, is bias to the point where you have no understanding of what is going on. You are basing your opinions on nonsense.

Like any good liar, they use just enough fact to make their stories believable, but behind the scenes, there is clear evidence that the media driving the conversation has forgotten every tenet of their responsibility to our society, our culture and our nation. People who believe what their news sources are telling them are nothing less than brainwashed.

For months now, I have dutifully and diligently balanced my news sources from at least six different perspectives. On a daily basis, I go through my media list and research the parts of the stories that are left out. It is appalling, and it is shocking how twisted, tangled and dishonestly they manipulate what they distribute to the public. They seem to have no moral or ethical dilemma in their reporting whatsoever. They just lie.

Of course, most of us are at least partially aware of the bias being presented to us, but we have all been raised to trust in our news sources. It’s part of what we believe our birthright as Americans is all about – truth, honor and integrity. Journalism is the 4th Estate – our stalwart watchdog against injustice. So, even though we know what we’re watching is a little bias, we believe it is not enough bias to pull us away from the central truth. Unfortunately, that it is not true. The biases are in fact giving us a completely false picture of reality.

How is news produced today? Most news outlets, print, broadcast or online, chose the stories they cover based what is trending on social media. Not so long ago, stories were chosen based on editorial meetings presided over by seasoned editors who made thoughtful decisions based on their journalistic priorities. One retired editor I talked to about this said, “Truth and justice were always our driving motivation.”

But today stories are chosen first by what is trending. Pick a study. Social media is driven by less than five percent of users, and they are the most zealous and opinionated of all users. Further, the same people or groups are in the business of projection, so a very high percentage of them act on multiple platforms. So, the truth is that the media today is driven by an infinitesimal number of the American public, who by nature are extremists. They thrive on creating controversy, and increasingly news outlets are covering their outrageous bias as if it were mainstream.

Tie that reality to the undeniable fact that the overwhelming majority of news outlets today, cater to subgroups, or interest groups if you prefer, of the American public for purely business reasons. So, you wind-up with journalism that does not present news, but instead, presents a carefully choreographed marketing plan designed to sway specific opinions or perspectives.

And it all comes full circle. Politics today is a multi-trillion-dollar business. The money involved is too big to allow a simple thing like truth to get in the way, so political hacks go out and hire the best social media projectors out there to drive their narratives. And we begin again.

This isn’t funny anymore. It’s not an academic exercise. The November election is less then five months away, and it is becoming a very real possibility that whoever wins, the other side of the country will not accept the outcome. If you think rebellion or civil war is an impossibility, you are not paying attention.


For another perspective see Rolling Stone Contribution Editor, Matt Tabbi's story here.

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