Impeachment Minefield

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Regardless of intent, our “Impeachment Inquiry” has successfully ended any possibility our frontrunner for the Democratic nomination had of winning the nomination. He may not have won anyway, but completely destroying his chances for a media strategy with no chance of success, seems to me a net gain for the Republicans.

Having researched everything currently available on the latest attack, two things jump out at me. First, though everything about Hunter Biden serving on the board of Burisma and having his new company stocked full of Chinese cash was probably legal, it was completely inappropriate, and his father at the very least should have waved him off. Hunter made a bundle, but it’s going to cost his Dad the nomination and maybe an ugly footnote in history.

Second, there is no evidence, outside the speculation of a lot of people hoping for the worst, that Trump did anything wrong. It all seems dramatically similar to the Mueller Investigation – bullshit followed by a remarkable stink. Contrary to popular belief, saying something over and over does not make it true. Trump has been investigated and attacked for everything imaginable since before his presidency began for purely political reasons, and no fair-minded American is going to criticize him for fighting back.

But the big issue that isn’t getting a lot of attention in the media is Trump’s primary ask of President Zelensky to investigate CrowdStrike. CrowdStrike has been mentioned in the context of having ties to Russian intelligence, the Hillary Clinton campaign and other nefarious relationships. If what it looks like is true, the Republicans are likely to start trotting out details in the form of indictments by next spring. And, once indictments start getting handed out, the damage to our party will be immeasurable.

What might save us though is the fact that no one can really trust anything coming out of Ukraine. I have a close friend who has had considerable experience in Ukraine since the early 1990s. He told me, “Nothing out of Ukraine can be trusted. The World Bank, the European Union, everything there so corrupt, so overwhelmed with payoffs and bribes, you can't imagine how bad it is.

So, for the foreseeable, it looks like we’re going to have to listen to the daily hum of talking points, messaging or whatever you want to call lies. Adam Schiff and our partisan chorus will go on screaming with utter conviction about Trump’s crimes, and periodically we will hear benchmarks of the truth, which is that nothing of any real consequence was done wrong or something we did was wrong. Always a far cry from what we’ve alleged, and each time it happens, we lose credibility with the average American – the average Nebraskan.

What’s this all boil down to? The people who control our Party narrative hate Donald Trump so much, or as I’m starting to wonder, fear Donald Trump so much, they are willing to say or do anything to stop him. What's obvious to me and many Nebraskans, like the Mueller Investigation before it, this Impeachment saga is picking up steam in the opposite direction. No one has defined a particular crime beyond the legally nebulas term “abuse of power” which is no high crime or misdemeanor.

During Watergate many Republicans stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Democrats to end the Nixon presidency, and it ultimately saved their party a good share of the shame and voter exodus that followed. I am very fearful that if we don’t start standing on the side of truth and honor, we’ll be hurt much worse when this whole episode eventually turns sour.


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