How They Control Us

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Think for a moment, why you believe what you believe? I don’t care if you are a libertarian, conservative, liberal, progressive, socialist or alt-whatever. How can you possibly trust anything you know? What source, online or otherwise, commentator or politician, is unbiased enough to give you both sides of a story in context? Today, it is all about who you believe, not who is telling the truth. To be fair, there are a few good and true voices still out there, but how would you know the difference?

There was a time when our leaders debated from an honest foundation of truth and not a carefully crafted propaganda campaign. Unfortunately, both parties have gone the way of strategic messaging, where winning is all that matters. Today in the United States of America, both political parties in blazing impudence to our heritage are using carefully crafted half-truths and outright lies to steal power and declare their own rules, while We the People have been reduced to learning the truth from a number of Pinocchios – a childish game judged by yet another group of liars.

What about the press? The guardians of our freedom, the “Fourth Estate”, the nation’s exalted fortress of integrity. Sorry, I just threw-up in my mouth. The truth is that it’s all “FAKE NEWS.” Today’s Establishment media is derived from considerations about political allegiance and money, and all content is driven primarily by those two factors. It is conspiratorial by nature and provides audiences with nothing more than daily talking points – not truth.

When everyone played by the rules and journalists cared deeply about their personal and organizational integrity, things worked pretty-well. Today, news outlets are no more than blatant public relations wings of their respective political affiliations and platforms for personal fame. They care nothing for accuracy, accuracy or accuracy, only glossy headlines that will be retracted later when no one is looking. When called on it, as they often have been in recent times, they protest and shout indignation at the outrageous attack on the free press, but in reality, they are even more destructive than they appear.

From incident to incident, we wonder how in the world people could be so misguided – do such crazy things? The sale of guns and AR-15s in particular have risen precipitously in recent years. Why? The simple truth is that people are scared. Establishment special interests and their media allies have fanned the fires of fear with no moral trepidation. They want you to be afraid. They want you to hate, and they want you to act on that hate. If the only place you feel safe is with your own faction, your own tribal unit, they have you. If you refuse to reach out to work with those with whom you disagree, they have won and democracy has lost.

Here’s the truth. Quit drinking the Kool Aid! If you don’t balance your news sources, check your own facts and engage your own sense of how the world really works, you have absolutely no idea what’s going on. We are living in dark times when even those in whom we believe cannot be fully trusted. There is tremendous power in understanding the truth, and it’s up to you to get some.


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