Eating Our Own

Don Kleine is a good man, and a good Democrat. He is not a racist. He does not perpetuate white-supremacy, and he does not preside over systemic racism in his department. He has done more to protect minority victims of crime than any other individual in the State of Nebraska, and he has dedicated most of his life to helping those less fortunate. As a Democrat, I am very proud of the work he has done.

By contrast, the Nebraska Democratic Party should be deeply ashamed of passing their gutless resolution condemning him and for refusing to stand-up to a handful of mindless radicals. They have abandoned all courage. They have abandoned all sense of decency, integrity and honesty to join the mob that is destroying our Party and our nation.

I’m fully aware of the pressure they feel. I feel it myself. I have avoided saying what I really believed for a long time because I was afraid. I have felt the intimidation. I have felt the fear to stand against the mob. I was afraid I would be singled out for criticism or worse, but that ends right now. This is the United States of America, and it has got to stop.

Yes, there are racists in America. I’ve seen them on television. Otherwise I don’t know any personally. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a racist joke in public, and I’ve only witnessed two racist acts in my entire life. On both occasions, I stood up, and the guilty individuals were embarrassed and apologized. On the other hand, just in the last few weeks, I’ve witnessed an African American woman smash her cart into an old White woman at Walmart and shout, “social distancing” as she shot video of herself doing it. I’ve seen two African American young men, marijuana smoke billowing from their car, threaten an old White man and his granddaughter because they thought he cut in front of them in traffic. And that is not to mention the many obscene acts of violence, I've seen lately on television. NEWS FLASH – Just because you are Black does not mean you do not have to follow the rules of society and the law. And you know what, the overwhelming majority of African Americans agree with me!

As I’ve said, until I’m blue in the face, we do have problems with race relations. There is too much poverty. There is too much crime, and there are a lot of related problems in the Black community. I’ve spent most of my life trying to help. The problems are complicated and deeply rooted. The fact that the overwhelming majority of deaths among Black people in America are perpetrated by other Black people should be all the evidence you need to understand that this is not just a matter of “fixing White people.”

Over the past few months, over and over, I’ve heard that the United States is a horribly racist nation, founded by a group of old White men, many of whom were slave owners. Maybe, but to suggest that this nation was somehow immorally founded is to belie reality. It is to say up is down and down is up. When those great men got together and penned the words, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…”, it wasn’t a mistake. It wasn’t a euphemism. They meant what they said, but they were flying in the face of 10,000 years of slavery as a way of life. What they should be praised for, in eternity, is having the courage to say, slavery isn’t right, and it should be ended. They didn’t have the political power to do anything directly about it right then, but they made an amazing start. The United States has faced moral and ethical problems throughout its existence. We have been wrong on many things, but we have perpetually improved and made great strides in making our nation and the world a better place. Unlike most nations, we have created the foundation to do better.

But here is the biggest problem our Party faces in these difficult times. We have created a false narrative, and it is consuming us. You may think you are just criticizing Don Kleine, but what you’re really doing is alienating the vast majority of Democrats, Independents and Republicans who feel exactly the way he does. Most of us would do anything in our power to end racism in America and bring wholesome change to the Black community, but in the face of such ridiculous nonsense, we are creating racism, not stopping it. Think, who is going to be left to vote after we have eaten our own?


Image Courtesy of Francisco de Goya.

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