Cunning Betrayal

Our Party radicals, led by what is popularly referred to as “The Squad”, Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Ayanna Pressley (D-NY), Rashida Tlaib (D-MA), and now Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA), national co-chair for the Bernie Sanders campaign, launched a direct attack last week on Joe Biden’s bid for the presidency. What had been subtle efforts to undermine the Democratic nominee, became a direct frontal assault.

Intentionally using the rhetoric of communism, they titled their proposal the “People’s Charter.” It includes an agenda to provide universal free health care, a jobs program for 16 million people, a massive redirection of funds from police departments to other social services and other bold leftist initiatives. Being generous, these programs collectively garner the support of no more than twenty percent of likely voters. Their intent is to force Biden to choose between a radical agenda that he does not and politically should not support, and the mainstream of the American electorate. Either way, he loses, and that is their ultimate goal.

In a direct attempt to hide the truth, these radicals call themselves “Progressives” or “Democratic Socialists.” They are neither. Progressivism was a bipartisan, generally pro-capitalist effort that began over 120 years ago. Primarily, it championed the interests of the people over unfair business practices and corruption. It was a mainstream political movement. Democratic Socialism is a worldwide political philosophy that pushes a socialistic agenda but is fundamentally loyal to democracy. Contrary to these well-established organizational ideologies, the Squad and their radical followers, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other neo-Marxist revolutionary groups, are more in line with the totalitarian communist model of the old Soviet Union, Cuba and Venezuela. They have no interest in democracy, only in taking power.

On a local level, we have seen how their politics have played-out in practice. The outrageous leadership of Ja Keen Fox and other agents of chaos have intentionally driven good Democrats from the Party. County Attorney, Don Kleine, longtime Democratic activist, Mary Barrett, and others have formally left the Party after decades of loyal service, and former Congressman Brad Ashford just endorsed Don Bacon. That may seem like just a few names, but given their status and time in the Party, their exodus will represent a loss of between 5 and 10 percent in the upcoming election. That’s going to hurt everyone up and down the ticket.

A highly respected pollster with experience in Nebraska, told me last week, “Statistically, the radicals gained absolutely nothing by their actions, but it’s going to cost the Party dearly in November. I don’t think they give a damn about winning.”

If you understand the numbers, what’s going on makes absolutely no sense. In a time when candidates normally push hard to the center in order to attract uncommitted moderate voters, no one in their right mind would intentionally push our nominee into a statistical wasteland. And why would anyone, very publicly, rock the boat hard enough to drive high-profile Party members out of the Party? What could they possibly have to gain from intentionally losing the election?

AOC and the Squad are not stupid women, even though they often play them on television. These are bright and cunning ladies who know exactly what they are doing. By derailing the Biden candidacy, the Party is left wide-open to take over. That is their primary intent. It is a politically clever play, and in the process, each will stuff tens of millions of dollars into their various Political Action Committees - an interesting racket in itself. There is virtually no risk to them, and the upside is worth billions.

My appraisal of the local radicals is less kind. The truth is, these are just young and impetuous fools who believe what they see on social media, where everything is profound but nothing is real. They don’t have a clue what is really going on. They have convinced themselves that their 19th century solutions to 21st century problems makes all the sense in the world, and that those who have been fighting the fight since before they were born should be pushed aside. They have done more damage in the span of a few months than the gains of decades of hard work.


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