Dead Vote with Biden

After a tumultuous few days, it has been made abundantly clear that Joe Biden carried the dead vote by a clear margin of victory. As the overwhelming majority of Americans are highly respectful of their ancestors, I’m sure this revelation will be the final nail in the coffin of the Trump presidency. Victory is ours!

Joe Biden will become our forty-sixth President, but it has been made abundantly clear to every American that our good and true Federal system of elections is a hot mess. You’ve got to wonder why any of the world’s republics would continue to look on us as a example of anything resembling a fair and impartial system of democracy. What moral authority can we exercise over Russia, China, Iran or any of the world’s villains, when we cannot convince our own people of our civic virtue? Our nation is falling apart before our eyes, and it seems no one is capable of leading us to a better place.

After centuries of plodding along in tolerance of partisan hijinks at the ballot box, it finally took this era of outrageous hyper-polarity and diminished faith in our American institutions to make it glaringly apparent we have a big problem. Whomever is finally declared the victor, the losing side will inevitably shout with righteous indignation that the winner is a cheat, and the winner will issue condescending slurs that the losers are nothing but pathetic paranoids. But truth be told, our system of elections is an archaic hobgoblin of partisan officials with a vested interest in outcomes and a foundation of two hundred years of overt political corruption. That’s where we are, and that’s why half of the country will be convinced of corruption in the results of this election no matter who wins. It could not be more clear that our failure to lead and organize our government and media with virtue has left us in a very deep pile of smoldering confetti - choking on our own arrogance.

It’s bad enough that the polling up to the election was so outrageously wrong, the President's charges of intentionally doctored results intended to suppress turn-out now seem reasonable. As Glenn Greenwald said, “The monumental failure of the polling industry and the data nerds who leech off it, for the second consecutive national election only serve to sow even further doubt and confusion around the electoral process.” The truth is that most Americans now expect polling to be wrong and the vote count to be questionable at best.

It’s not like there haven’t been warnings. This is nothing new. Men going to prison for engaging in voter fraud has been a regular occurrence for decades, and no doubt, a few folks will make their way to the Big House this cycle. But as always, it won’t make any difference to the newly elected leadership. They got away with it fair and square, and what’s done is done. We can’t upset the people’s faith in the ballot, can we?

Just in case you still want to hold fast to your partisan righteousness, let’s take a careful look at our own failures. The truth is the Democratic Party has institutionalized a host of mechanisms fully intended to undermine the will of the people. Our Party elites will do whatever is necessary to maintain their control through Super Delegates or whatever. Bernie Sanders was a victim of outright cheating by the Democratic National Committee in 2016. Do some research on the degree to which Party insiders went to deny him the nomination, and anyone with an ounce of integrity has got to acknowledge the backroom deal to rob him out of the nomination in 2020. Don’t they get it? If the people lose faith in the process, stick a fork in us. We are done.

And don’t for a second delude yourself into believing this is the best we can do. Take Brazil for example. They have the fifth highest population in the world. Because they have automatic registration, everyone is required to vote and anyone over 16 is of age, they only have about 25 million fewer voters than the United States. They have a much shorter history of democracy, are much less technologically advanced and significantly poorer. Even so, voting on Sunday to ensure maximum participation, they are capable of counting 90 percent of the vote by 6 pm, the same time the polls close and final vote tallies are reported only two hours after that. Most importantly, virtually no one questions the accuracy or legitimacy of their process.

If we don’t do something fundamental, something the people can wrap their arms around and believe in soon, we are all done as a republic and whatever happens after that is anyone’s guess.


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