AOC is Not a Democrat

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, known by many simply as AOC, has delivered an unrelenting series of slaps in the face to both the 116th Congress and the Democratic Party. She is beautiful, charismatic and resourceful. Some adore her. Others fear her, and some are just amused by her. Many in the media are calling her the “future of the Democratic Party.” But like so many media darlings before her, who have lost themselves in ego and hyperbole, she will soon find herself on the Island of Lost Toys – forgotten.

The overwhelming majority of politicians, who stand the test of time, make it by substance, discipline and tact. Oh, they all know how to play the game and seize on a moment, but they almost never shoot from the hip. Flash-in-the-pans, like AOC, rarely get to where they want to go, because they overestimate themselves and underestimate the American people.

AOC’s major problem is her lack of discipline, evidenced during the holidays by her assertion that the United States is becoming a fascist nation – either not knowing or not caring that the core of the policies she champions herself are decidedly fascist in nature. Fascism is all about government control, extremism and a passionate commitment to dishonesty. So far, that is her strategic approach to everything – more dictatorial than democratic.

That was not her first goof. She has suggested that the low unemployment rate we’re experiencing has been caused by people holding more than one job – not understanding how employment statistics work. She has supported antisemitic rants, declared the upper-middle class no longer exists and supported the “punch a cop” protest. She has proclaimed her own environmental arguments pristine and dismissed even the idea that there could be an alternate point of view. And, when asked how she would pay for her many financially exorbitant proposals, she dismisses the question as absurd – like it was just a matter of putting it on a charge card.

Arm-in-arm with her lack of discipline is her genuine lack of substance. She did graduate cum laude from Boston University in international relations and economics, but unlike everyone else who works their way through the things they did not learn in college before they declare their own sainthood, she immediately screamed from the mountain top that she had all the answers. She has fully embraced socialism without regard of the fact there is over a century of direct evidence that it doesn’t work. She states categorically that if we don’t immediately implement her Green New Deal, we will all be dead in twelve years. She supports Medicare for All, open borders, free college and trade school, a wealth tax and virtually every other absurd notion that has been advanced in this Age of Bullshit, negating the fact that there is not enough wealth in the entire nation to pay for it. And, she dismisses detractors by simply stating, “You just pay for it.”

The truth is that AOC has arrived at a time in American politics when truth, fairness, compromise and other virtues of democracy are hard to find. She is not alone in her absurd rants, but she is out there on the fringes of what people will say or do to gain power. She has proven she is willing to use whatever is in front of her to sway a crowd or make a point, just like the worst characters of history. This lack of discipline and substance does not make her a leader, and it certainly does not it make her the future of the Democratic Party. It makes her an embarrassment to the Party, Congress and Constitution she swore to serve, and the nation that gave her the opportunity.


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