If you don’t think Black lives matter; if you don’t care about women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights or basic human rights; if you’re not concerned about global warming or the environment in general; if you’re not worried about justice, fairness or democracy; if you want the border closed and a draconian military presence in every city in the United States; if you want a media that only reports what they are told to report; if you want professors to teach only what they are told to teach and history to conform to only the acceptable narrative; and if you want a totalitarian state enforced by black-hooded fascist police, then by all means, support the mob of lawless anarchists rioting in the streets of our major cities today. Ten thousand years of human history is on your side.

But if you believe in freedom, democracy and the ideal of the United States of America; if you believe in a society that learns and grows with each successive generation; if you believe in a government that can right it’s course without hate, anger or violence; and if you believe in doing the hard work of finding common ground and understanding with those with whom you disagree, then you need to start speaking up right now. If you don’t, you are directly enabling the people who support paragraph one.

Professor Gary Saul Morson, a leading authority on Russian literature and the Communist Revolution, said in relation to the recent protests in the United States: “We have arrived at a situation in which well-intentioned liberal people often can’t bring themselves to say that lawless violence is wrong.”

“When you’re dragged along into something you don’t really believe yourself – because otherwise you are identified with those evil people, and your primary identity is being a ‘good guy,’ not like those people – you will wind up supporting things you know to be wrong. And unless there is some moral force that will stop it, the slide will accelerate.”

“You get into a revolutionary situation because people can’t hear. Can there be a dialogue on important questions, or is there only one thing to say about every question? Are people afraid to say, ‘well yes, but it’s not quite as simple as that?... When you can’t do that, you’re heading to a one-party state or dictatorship of some sort. If one party is always wrong and another is always right, why not just have the right one?”

If you don't see it, we’re already on the slide that Morson mentions above. Because of your news sourcing, you may not be aware, but check the body count. We are already in a situation where escalation is inevitable, but Morson also threw us a life preserver - "Unless some moral force stops it." He's talking about you - Democrat, Republican or Independent. "We the People" are the moral force in question. If enough of us stand up and say, "Yes, we have problems, but stop violent protest now! If we unite around the ideals of truth, civility, justice, humility, compromise and courage, we can fix our problems, as we always have.


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