Why I'm Running for City Council

I’m running because I want my children to see that government leadership does not have to be angry or partisan to be effective. I want to be an example of integrity, public service and putting the needs of others before my own.

Priority Issues

  • Economic Development has got to be a priority in my district and every other City Council district in Omaha. If you’re standing still, you’re losing ground. We must provide the infrastructure necessary for business to prosper and at the same time keep taxes low. It’s a balancing act that is never easy but absolutely essential to our future.

  • Police departments nationwide are experiencing terrible challenges in these uncertain times. They are our first line of protection and safety no matter what part of town you live in. Not only am I opposed to defunding or curtailing their efforts in any way, I believe we need to expand their funding in order to remain at the cutting-edge of new and innovative approaches to law enforcement.

  • Covid 19 will be a dark chapter in our world’s history. Like many others, I experienced it first-hand as did my entire family. We did everything by the book, and still we got it one by one. We were lucky, but others were not. There are two major things those involved with government policy should have learned from the experience. One, when the science is not clear: use your common sense; tell the truth; and live by the same rules you make for others. Two, politics has no place in a pandemic.

What I Want to Accomplish

I’d like to see Omaha become a world-class city, but getting everyone’s trash picked up on time, recycling and making sure the streets are serviceable are the fundamentals we have to get right. I’ll be focused on those things first and foremost. Beyond that making the city attractive to the next generation of talent is certainly a high priority. I’ve got a half dozen kids and a lot of their friends I’d like to see stay in Omaha. Building a city they want to live in is important to all of our futures.

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